Lid Lifters

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Murphy’s Basic Lid Lifter

Murphy’s Basic Lid Lifter is perfect for cooking on the ground or on a cooking table. The grapple and legs are engineered for a non-slip grip making this tool especially handy for a heavy Dutch Oven lid. (Dutch Oven not included).  Includes FREE id tags and initial engraving!



$15.00 + 8.00 s&h


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Product Description

Murphy’s Pot Tilter

Never get burned by a hot dutch oven or spattered by boiling hot fluids again! This tool keeps you at a safe distance while you drain your pots.

Insert a Dutch Oven leg into Murphy’s Pot Tilter and lift on the handle. Handcrafted solid spiral rod with spiral handle for grip and safety.  Includes FREE id tags and initial engraving!



$15.00 + 10.00 s&h