Disco Cooking

Product Description

22″ Discada Cook Set

Made from hard carbon plow steel. 1″ splash ring helps prevent spills and adds depth to the discada. Holds 3 liquid gallons. Includes a custom fitted lid and iron ring stand. Use the ring stand to cook with coal, fire, even a turkey fryer or other burner. Nice spiral twist steel handles on the discada and lid. When the disco is hot it only needs a little heat to cook.

The discada has been sanitized and hot oil treated and is ready to use for Disco Cooking.


$140.00 + 32.00 s&h

Disco Cooking

Product Description

Made from heavy carbon plow steel with 1” splash ring.  Iron cooking disk and lid. Great for outdoor cooking- no matter where it happens! The discada can be used to cook a variety of delicious foods. Use with charcoal or propane burner.  Discada size is 18″ in diameter.


18″ Discada & Lid Set
$100.00 + 30.00 s&h

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Product Description

Discada Stand with Burner and Regulator

Designed to hold the discada (Disco/Wok) for propane cooking. Removable legs for table top cooking, storage or travel. Includes propane burner, regulator and 3′ hose.
$85.00 + 30.00 s&h