Cowboy Coffee Pots

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Blue or Red Cowboy Coffee Cups
campfire coffee sets

Product Description

Blue or Red Enamel Coffee Cups 24 Fl. oz. 
Two cups per set. Item CA045 for blue and CA044 for the red.
$12.00 + s&h $10.00 per item

The Complete Cowboy Coffee Set


The complete coffee set includes the Campfire Coffee Pot Holder, Campfire Coffee Pot Tilter, and choose a huge 36 cup coffee pot or 20 cup coffee pot. This setup is ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors with friends and family. Everyone will be amazed at how well this works.


36 Cup Boiler Coffee Pot
$105.00 + 34.00 s&h


20 Cup Boiler Coffee Pot

Don’t mess around with those small 12 cup coffee pots, this great big 20 cup coffee pot is perfect for those who like to keep good company. After all outdoor cooking is best enjoyed with friends and family!
Actual Product may differ slightly from image. Contact for details.
$35.00 + 15.00 s&h

Product Description

Campfire Coffee Pot Holder


Perfect for camping. Drive into the ground near campfire enjoy hot coffee or boil water for cooking and cleaning, etc. Sturdy 1/2″ spiral twisted steel. When coffee is done, rotate the leg stand clockwise to get the coffee pot away from the fire. Turn back to reheat the coffee.

Collapsible for easy storage. Stand sold separately.


$35.00 + 20.00 s&h
#CA033 – Order Below