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dutchovencookingThe Basics of Dutch Oven Cooking: Murphy’s Cowboy Cooking
by Robert J. Murphy

I have been cooking in dutch ovens since I was a young boy. Mr. Cox of A. B. Cox Ranch trained me to fix many fine meals in those black pots. The more I learned about this form of Cowboy Cooken’, the more I loved it.

I will explain some of the basic things in this book on the dos and dont’s of cooking and caring for your dutch oven. By using these cast iron pots, you can fix some very fine food outdoors, or by setting them over the burner on your kitchen stove.

You can harness the tool that was a favorite on wagon trails and after you have learned the basics of dutch oven cooking, let yourself try whatever you would like to try.

I have packed this book full of my favorite Cowboy Cooken’ recipes. Savory Roasts, Country Fried Chicken & Steak, Country Gravy, Potatoes, Green Beans, even Peach Cobbler and rich Buttermilk Chocolate Cake; all from your dutch oven and all inside this book.

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