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Cooking With Dutch OvensCooking with dutch ovens

I am Robert Murphy
. I was raised here in the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico. I started cooking with dutch ovens when I was 16 years old on the A. B. Cox Ranch.

I was working there as a cowboy and would help Mr. Cox with some of the cooking, and he introduced me to the black pots.

It really did interest me in the sense that you could fix such a fine meal in them. Little by little I became more exposed to cooking with dutch ovens, and now cook in them as a trade, hobby, instructor, and caterer for parties.

I have never tasted anything that didn’t taste better cooked outdoors in a dutch oven. We all have a fast pace life now, and by cooking outdoors with friends and family, it gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy what is around us.

I hope that the items you will find within my website will bring joy to you and your loved ones. For me, there is no life like the Cowboy life, but I believe I speak for most everyone when I say, “about the only thing better than the fun and fellowship of outdoor cooking with your friends and family is eating what you have prepared”. Here’s to good friends, good food, and family.

Robert J. Murphy